About Us


About Us

This is a classic story of "I could not find something better out there so I made my own". When people say that, what they really mean is that they could not find a solution to their unique problem with the features they want and at their desired price point. Because chances are the solution exists and in abundance.

This product is no different. Yes there are several other brands you can google with similar benefits listed. However, my unique needs were not being met with regards to wanting a hair gel that had ZERO chemicals, acids, petrolatum, and alcohol! After all, I wanted to be able to use it on my toddler boys when we went out or at the least for photo sessions. And between them sweating while burning off all that energy and putting their hands on their head and their mouths, I needed to feel confident they would not ingest chemicals nor acquire a taste for Dad's single malt just yet. 🥃

And as an added bonus, our hair gel is "mom approved" by ensuring we use vegan and organic ingredients. In addition, we got our hair gel tested by an  independent human patch testing organization to confirm it is hypoallergenic and dermatologist tested! 

Lastly, before I get a bunch of friends and family asking why I don't have my other son in the picture below; he's too young (for now) to be using the gel and have you tried getting professional pictures taken with 2 boys (1 being a baby!?!) 

 📸 🤪