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All Natural & Organic Vegan Hair Gel

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Vegan Hair Gel

Made with premium ingredients that provide nourishment for the scalp, protects, and strengthens the hair from root to tip!

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Essential Oils

Our organic vegan hair gel blend contains essential oils (coconut, rosemary, tea tree, eucalyptus, and orange oil) proven to provide moisture, texture, and protection from harmful elements.

Plant Based Vitamins

We infuse our chemical free all-natural hair gel with key vitamins to nourish your hair and scalp. Omega3, Vitamins E, & D3. Known to strengthen hair and even invigorate your scalp to regenerate hair.

Made With

Made out of love for my Sons. Below is the full list of Ingredients that you and your child can pronounce!

Coconut Oil
Flax Seeds
Eucalyptus Oil
Rosemary Oil
Tea Tree Oil
Vitamin E+D3
Omega 3
Orange Oil
Splash of Love

flaxin organic benefits

Our specially formulated all natural hair gel is dermatologist tested, hypo-allergenic, and is safe to use by both adults and toddlers.

Hair Strength
& Nutrition

Healthy Scalp

Natural &

Safe for adults
& children

Hair Loss

Glycerine &
Paraben Free

Petroleum Oil

Alcohol & Acid


About Us

Click on learn more for the full scoop on our origin story. In the meantime, here's the gist of it from our founder.

... yes there are several other brands you can google with similar benefits listed. However, my unique needs were not being met with regards to wanting a hair gel that had ZERO chemicals, acids, petrolatum, and alcohol! After all, I wanted to be able to use it on my toddler boys when we went out or at the least for photo sessions. And between them sweating while burning off all that energy and putting their hands on their head and their mouths, I needed to feel confident they would not ingest chemicals nor acquire a taste for Dad's single malt just yet. 🥃

And as an added bonus, our hair gel is "mom approved" by ensuring we use vegan and organic ingredients. In addition, we got our hair gel tested by an independent human patch testing organization to confirm it is hypoallergenic and dermatologist tested!

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We are confident you'll be hooked after your first order! But we get it, we may not be able to please everyone. So if you are not satisfied with our all natural organic vegan hair gel after 2 weeks, just contact us to get a full refund on the product.

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Flaxin Organics Hair Gel (2oz)

Hair Gel made with premium all-natural ingredients that provide nourishment for the scalp, protects, and strengthens the hair from root to tip! - Dermatologist Tested - Strong Hold - Hypoallergenic - All Natural - Alcohol Free - Vegan - For Adults and Kids

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